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Potty Dance


Listed Under: Personalised Books

They refuse to go, they squirm in their pants! They itch and they twitch and then start to dance. Make potty training fun with your child’s dancing adventure around the world.

Magical Moments with personalised Children’s story books@ Fujifilm Photos

With 8 different stories to choose from including ‘Potty Dance’, your child will be swept away when they read their name featured throughout a customised Children’s storybook. Create magical moments with your child’s face being included on almost every page. There is 8 different titles to choose from in both 8′x11′ Hard Cover or 8′x8′ Hard Cover books and are available in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Turkish. Suitable for boys and girls aged 2 – 6 years and works with any skin tone.

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